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Sebastian Harschneck

Sebastian Harschneck Rechtsanwalt
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Sebastian Harschneck


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английски, немски, руски
КОРПОРАТИВНО ПРАВО, СЛИВАНИЯ И ПРИДОБИВАНИЯ, корпоративно дело, Комплайънс, съвместни предприятие, НЕСЪСТОЯТЕЛНОСТ И ОЗДРАВЯВАНЕ, Защита правата на кредиторите преди откриване на производството по несъстоятелност, Процесуално представителство на кредитори в производство по несъстоятелност, Правни задължения на управителните органи и на собствениците на капитала в моменти на криза, разрешаване на спорове, процесуално представителство, управление на рискове и конфликти
University of Passau (Universität Passau)
Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk (Сибирский Федераьный Университет, Красноярск)
Rechtsanwaltskammer Nürnberg (Nuremberg Bar Association)
Единен регистър на Чуждестранните адвокати (Bulgarian Bar)
Deutsch-Russische Juristenvereinigung e.V.
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Osteuropakunde e.V.
България, Германия
21.07.2021Income tax in the case of cross-border posting of workers
06.05.2021Amazon merchants must check images regularly
12.03.2021Safety requirements when parking loaded trucks in Germany
11.01.2021Personal liability despite English Limited in Germany
17.11.2020Truck toll in Germany - repayment claims in the millions
15.09.2020Employment of professional drivers in Germany
20.07.2020Pre-emption right for share deals - company must provide information to municipality
10.03.2020New regulations for the employment of foreigners in Germany
09.03.2020Coronavirus - a case of force majeure under German law?
07.02.2020German UG can operate as a "Holding"
03.02.2020Consequences of ineffective managing director contracts in Germany
15.11.2019D&O insurance offers only limited protection in the event of insolvency
16.09.20195 years minimum wage - status quo and outlook
22.07.2019The German car toll violates European law
14.11.2018Forfeiture clauses ineffective if minimum wage claims not excluded
13.09.2018Stricter prohibition of replacement of posted employees
11.07.2018A1 certification - limited binding effect
14.05.2018Incoming goods inspection ‒ admissible type and scope
09.03.2018Minimum wage - doubts about applicability to foreign companies; client's liability
18.09.2017Application of GTC to international Contracts
13.07.2017Ban on sleeping in truck cabins
10.05.2017Construction Contracts: new rules from 2018
30.12.2016Minimum wage: new registration procedure
13.07.2016Update Minimum wage
28.06.2016Minimum wage - increase in 2017
28.06.2016Minimum wage – infringement proceedings initiated
08.06.2016Minimum wage – taking into account vacation pay and Christmas bonus
04.05.2016Travel time is working time
16.03.2016Supervisory board – agency workers are counted
13.01.2016Minimum wage – monitoring and investigation procedures
25.09.2015Misleading VW exhaust emissions – secure your rights promptly
11.09.2015Supervisory board – employees of foreign daughter companies are counted
30.01.2015Minimum wage suspended for transit shipments
05.01.2015Minimum wage for truck drivers