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Kurzarbeit - a subsidy scheme for short-time work
Tuesday, 29 September 2015
Czech Republic: The latest amendment to the Employment Act adds a new instrument to the tool-box of proactive government employment policy: an...
Tax treatment of liquidating distribution in the form of non-financial assets
Tuesday, 29 September 2015
Czech Republic: Is the liquidating distribution of real estate subject to real estate transfer tax?
Fourth AML Directive
Tuesday, 29 September 2015
Czech Republic: The fourth directive addressing the threat of money-laundering has come into force
How to approach General Terms and Conditions and contracts of adhesion
Tuesday, 29 September 2015
Czech Republic: What to watch out for when entering into boilerplate contracts and contracts which refer to standard T&C
Misleading VW exhaust emissions – secure your rights promptly
Friday, 25 September 2015
False exhaust emissions data may raise defect claims. What you should know in order to secure your rights. The scandal about false emission data is...
Neues Gesetz über Gestaltung der Landwirtschaftsordnung in Polen
Monday, 21 September 2015
Polen: Kein freier Erwerb der landwirtschaftlichen Grundstücken durch EU-Bürger in Polen auch nach Ablauf der Übergangsfrist im Mai 2016
Prospects: Expo Real 2015
Thursday, 17 September 2015
Germany: We are looking forward to the 18th International Property and Investment Trade Fair in Munich, which takes place from the 5th to the 7th of...
Supervisory board – employees of foreign daughter companies are counted
Friday, 11 September 2015
Germany: When setting the composition of a supervisory board, employees of foreign daughter companies must be taken into account.
Stricter rules to be applied on separate ownership of buildings and land
Friday, 28 August 2015
Latvia: Changes to Latvian law restrict separate legal ownership of land and buildings.
Long-awaited amendments to the company law
Wednesday, 26 August 2015
Belarus: From 26 January 2016, establishment of companies with one shareholder/member is possible in Belarus
Doctors: opportunities in Germany
Wednesday, 26 August 2015
Lithuania: Meet the Experts: Startup in Germany for doctors, dentists or psychotherapists.
Doors wide open for secondary insolvency proceedings
Wednesday, 19 August 2015
Lithuania: bnt attorneys-at-law represent German insolvency administrator in a landmark cross-border insolvency case.
Real estate market confirms the trend towards economic revival
Tuesday, 18 August 2015
Czech Republic: Developer trio assesses real estate market development: more new apartments, lower prices, and interest rates hovering at the...
Invoice-matching reports
Tuesday, 18 August 2015
Czech Republic: As of 1 January 2016, VAT payers must disclose the data contained in their invoices to the finance office via a new invoice-matching...
Satisfaction of qualification criteria within a holding group
Tuesday, 18 August 2015
Czech Republic: The satisfaction of qualification criteria in tenders may be proven by invoking the references of an affiliate, without the latter...
Categorization of undertakings in the wake of the Accounting Act amendment
Saturday, 15 August 2015
Czech Republic: As of 1 January 2016, 90% of all companies will no longer have to publish a profit and loss statement and may compile overall...
Additional control from STI
Tuesday, 11 August 2015
Lithuania: As of 2016 the taxpayers themselves shall inform the STI about the tax risks.
Right of superficies to machinery
Wednesday, 05 August 2015
Czech Republic: The "right of superficies", which, once entered into the cadastral register, establishes a separate title to machines, marks a...
Will people no longer be allowed to submit VAT returns via databox (II)?
Wednesday, 05 August 2015
Czech Republic: Finance ministry abandons idea to disallow the submission of VAT returns via databox
New interpretation of joint proxy appointment rules
Wednesday, 22 July 2015
Poland: The Polish Supreme Court has challenged the previous custom of proxy appointment for joint representation with a board member
Ban on unfair retailer practices in relations with suppliers in Latvia
Wednesday, 15 July 2015
Latvia:Latvian Parliament restricts retail-ers’ ability to transfer risks and duties to suppliers
Payment and repayment of shareholders loans and capital surplus
Wednesday, 15 July 2015
Slovakia: Changes in corporate law
New procedural rules for civil and administrative disputes
Wednesday, 15 July 2015
Slovakia: For 52 years the current Civil Procedure Order has dominated the Slovak court system.
Brussels I recast
Sunday, 12 July 2015
Czech Republic: New rules on jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters as of 10 January 2015
Relaxing minimum wage law – for now just a little
Friday, 10 July 2015
Germany: Only half a year after implementation of a minimum wage law, documentation requirements for employers are already being relaxed.
European Insolvency Rules - Improved?
Thursday, 25 June 2015
Lithuania: 20 May 2015 the European Parliament adopted amendments to the European Regulation on Insolvency Proceedings No. 1346 (Regulation).
Industry and Regulatory PG met in Vienna
Monday, 22 June 2015
International: bnt experts meet to discuss EFPIA transparency, competition in distribution plus developments in EU public procurement law.