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Construction Contracts Workshop

Poland: bnt Warsaw partner will run a workshop on warranty and guarantee in construction contracts

On 11 and 12 December 2019 a series of workshops called "Construction Contracts - relations between investor and contractor within the construction investment process" will be held by Puls Biznesu in Warsaw.

Małgorzata Zamorska, partner at bnt attorneys-at-law Warsaw, will be one of the lecturers. On the second day of the event she will lead a workshop titled "Statutory warranty, contractual guarantee, liability for defects of a building / construction works" (start at 9 a.m.). During her lecture the participants will learn on warranty and guarantee - two entirely separate bases for claims connected with liability for defects in the construction process, as well as on the particular claims enjoyed by the parties in either of the legal regimes. Further, Małgorzata Zamorska will describe the possibilities of altering the statutory shape of each legal institution, i.e. tailoring them to the investors' needs. The lecture will i.a. also comprise such issues as: general damages liability aside from warranty/guarantee.

Date: 12 December 2019

Venue: Warsaw, exact venue to be disclosed soon

Time: 9-10 a.m.

Lecturer: Małgorzata Zamorska, partner at bnt attorneys-at-law Warsaw