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News from Belarus

Instead of reviewing the new Decree No. 3 "On foreign aid", we express our solidarity with the Belarusian people

The mass protests and strikes that began after announcement of the results of the presidential election on 9th August have been ongoing in Belarus for about a month.
We hope that you and your family and friends are safe. We express our compassion to all of the victims and to their families.
Our team here in Minsk is safe and is still there for you!
According to the Basic Law of the Republic of Belarus, which has the highest legal force and establishes the fundamental principles and norms of legal regulation of the most important public relations, the Belarusian people live in a democratic social rule of law state.
But, unfortunately, violations of fundamental human and civil rights and freedoms have become more frequent recently. We sincerely hope that the rule of law will be restored as soon as possible.
Take care of yourself!