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Insolvency and Restructuring

Crises call for swift, decisive action. Thanks to our experience from numerous cases we provide clients with rapid, precise assistance.

Companies often act irrationally during a crisis. Through comprehensive, precise analysis of the situation we ensure clarity and a rational basis for decision-making. Particularly when cross-border solutions are called for, our precision and many years of experience pay off for clients, because that is when insolvent or beleaguered companies benefit from our unambiguous, rapid recommendations on how to improve their situation. Alongside commercial and legal factors we also address psychological considerations. We advise the companies concerned, their shareholders and creditors.


In connection with our practice areas we provide free downloadable information on legal frameworks, as well as analyses and market information.

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Practice areas

  • Pre-insolvency protection of creditors’ rights
  • Creating insolvency-remote collateral
  • Representing creditors in insolvency proceedings
  • Pre-insolvency debt restructuring
  • Legal duties of company bodies and shareholders in crisis
  • Capital maintenance regulations
  • Mandatory regulations under tax/social security law
  • Joint liability within a group
  • Prerequisites and risks of de-facto management
  • M&A of distressed companies

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