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Arnas Stonys, Dr.

Arnas Stonys, Dr. Advokatas
bnt attorneys-at-law Senior Associate, Lithuania, Vilnius


Arnas Stonys, Dr.

Senior Associate

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bnt Heemann APB
LT-11345 Vilnius

Senior Associate
English, Lithuanian
CORPORATE AND M&A, REAL ESTATE, Purchase & sale of individual properties and portfolios, Construction contracts, Energy installations and utilities, Commercial contracts
The Regulatory Contracts In Public Law; Ph.D thesis, Vilnius University, 2013
Equality and Publicity in Public Law Contracts; Teisė. Mokslo darbai (Scientific journal), 2013, No 87
Public and Private Law: Problems in Fundamental Classification; Teisė. Mokslo darbai (Scientific
journal), 2012, No 82
Employment and copyrights agreements; news portal, 6 November, 2007
Employment and service agreements (II); news portal, 13 November, 2007
Employment and service agreements (I); news portal, 20 November, 2006
Vilnius University, Lithuania (Ph.D.)
Vilnius University, Lithuania (MA)
Internship studies in Ghent University, Belgium
Lietuvos advokatūra (Lithuanian Bar Association)
Vilniaus Universiteto Teisės fakulteto Alumni draugija (Vilnius University Faculty of Law Alumni)
Woodworking, camping, cycling, reading