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Stephan Heidenhain

Stephan Heidenhain Advokát, Rechtsanwalt
bnt attorneys-at-law Senior Associate, Czech Republic, Praha 1


Stephan Heidenhain

Advokát, Rechtsanwalt
Senior Associate

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CZ - 11000 Praha 1
Czech Republic

Senior Associate
Czech, English, Estonian, French, German, Polish, Russian
INSOLVENCY AND RESTRUCTURING, Pre-insolvency protection of creditors’ rights, Creating insolvency-remote collateral, Representing creditors in insolvency proceedings, Pre-insolvency debt restructuring, Conducting cases in public courts and before arbitration tribunals, dispute resolution, DISPUTE RESOLUTION, Litigation
Various publications on European and Czech consumer law, on Czech labour law, on Czech insolvency law, on minority protection in Europe, especially the Baltic States
University Viadrina in Frankfurt / Oder (Germany) (Dr.iur)
dissertation on European and Polish Consumer Law (published in 2001)
University of Tübingen and Berlin (Germany), Law Faculty
Brandenburg Bar Association
Česká advokátní komora (Czech Bar Association)
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Osteuropakunde e.V. (DGO, German Association for Eastern European Studies)
Czech Republic
30.06.2020Practice of restitution of German citizenship pursuant of the Basic Law unconstitutional for decades
22.05.2020Restrictions on entering and leaving the country after the end of the state of emergency on 18 May 2020 and as of 15 June 2020
27.04.2020Again new Czech entry and exit rules during the emergency
14.04.2020Rules for Czech cross-border commuters during the coronavirus pandemic
11.03.2020Proposed stricter Act on Czech Citizenship – increased demand on foreigners to prove their clean criminal record
27.01.2020ECS News: we win at courts in Prague and Olomouc; amendment to the Cadastral Decree effective of January 1, 2020
18.11.2019The fight for European Certificates of Succession continues in Olomouc and Luxembourg
21.10.2019No residence in Germany? Or in the Czech Republic?
18.10.2019Naturalization for descendants of Nazi persecution victims pursuant to Art. 116 (2) of Germany's Basic Law
11.06.2019Improving worker protection: amending the Posting of Workers Directive
21.11.2018New Austrian Supreme Court ruling on European Certificates of Succession
20.07.2018Entry of land plots in a European Certificate of Succession issued in Germany
13.10.2017ECtHR: Unlimited monitoring of private internet communication in the workplace is a violation
17.07.2017Will German expatriates forfeit their right to vote in the upcoming (German) federal parliamentary elections?
16.05.2017Changes to the Insolvency Act as of 1 July 2017
16.01.2017Acquisition of Czech citizenship
21.03.2016Databank on the solvency and creditworthiness of consumers
24.02.2016Introduction of an ADR procedure for consumers
23.10.2015Unification of Insolvency Law
17.03.2015Minimum wage to usher in 'new era of plenty', come what may
13.10.2014Execution, Transylvanian-Style?
21.05.2014Dispute over mortgage loan fees revisited