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“Lithuanian Airports” seek investors

Preparations are under way for state owned company “Lithuanian Airports” to enter into a concession agreement with a private investor. Possible concessionaires are already being sought.

The government has approved a plan for “Lithuanian Airports” to enter into a concession arrangement. The state-owned company needs private investment to expand and modernise the airport infrastructure and operational efficiency as demand for air travel keeps steadily growing in Lithuania.


In exchange for private investment, the concessionaire would gain the privilege of operating the infrastructure and carrying out commercial activities at Vilnius (VNO), Kaunas (KUN) and Palanga (PLQ) airports for up to 20-25 years. The state would keep ownership of all infrastructure objects. No solid estimates are available yet as to the value of the concession agreement.

Concession agreement expected to be entered in until 2019

Executed by: Lithuanian Airports

Value est.: -

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