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  • Czech Republic

    Will real estate brokers finally become regulated?

    So far, the real estate agency business in the Czech Republic has been entirely unregulated, but this may change from 2019.


  • news

    2018-03-20 seminaras „Verslo santykiai su užsienio įmonėmis: teisiniai patarimai rizikoms mažinti“

    Verslo santykiai su užsienio įmonėmis sukelia nemažai teisinių iššūkių. Jeigu Jums aktualu, kaip pasirengti sklandžiam bendradarbiavimui ir apsaugoti save/savo verslą nuo nepageidaujamų kliūčių ir nuostolių, maloniai kviečiame į kovo 20  d. seminarą „Verslo santykiai su užsienio įmonėmis: teisiniai patarimai rizikoms mažinti“.


  • Belarus

    Public procurement of foreign medical devices in Belarus

    State health care organizations in Belarus (the procuring entity) carry out procurements of medical equipment and medical supplies (“medical devices“) at public expense in line with the public procurement rules and taking into account the specifics laid down for this category of goods. In addition, Belarusian legislation sets some special conditions for foreign medical devices to participate in the public procurement procedure analyzed in this article.


  • Czech Republic

    Debt relief amendment to the Insolvency Act

    Last year saw the promulgation of a major amendment to the Insolvency Act, which came into force mid-2017. Following in its wake is the so-called "debt-relief amendment", highly debated in the past and set to take effect as of 2019.


  • Bulgaria

    Labour Inspectorate can now initiate insolvency proceedings

    Non-payment of remuneration under an employment agreement can now trigger insolvency proceedings in Bulgaria


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