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  • Lettország

    Intense business activities in Liepajas special economic zone

    Works on the harbor infrastructure itself as well as investment opportunities arise in one of Latvias special economic zones, which offers favorable conditions for business.


  • Lettország

    Financing needed for start-up: supplier to furniture manufacturers

    Under the product name “Vilkne”, a young Latvian start-up is seeking venture capital financing for production of high-end drawers for designer furniture such as kitchens.


  • Bulgária

    bnt participates in first accredited FIDIC-Workshop in Bulgaria

    bnt Sofia a member of the Bulgarian Construction Law Society


  • Csehország

    PRO BONO & CSR awards for bnt Prague

    The publishing house Economia has announced its Pro bono & CSR awards for 2017 in an event going into its second year. bnt was one of the four laureates, having been recognized for the unprecedented way in which the firm combines legal and charity work to support Cesta domů (The Journey Home) in the field of palliative care. The winning projects were picked by an expert jury headed by the Czech minister of justice and composed of the chief judges at the highest courts of the land, notaries, in-house counsel of companies, attorneys-at-law, and public prosecutors.


  • Fehéroroszország

    PG Dispute Resolution Meets in Minsk

    The bnt Dispute Resolution Practice Group Annual Meeting 2017 took place for the first time in Minsk.


  • Hírlevélre feliratkozás

    A 'Feliratkozás' gomb megnyomásával elfogadja az adatkezelési szabályzatunkat
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