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Taxation of foreign managers in Estonia
Antradienis, 23 gegužės 2017
Foreign members of control organs of Estonian companies may face income tax in Estonia
bnt continues to be on the rise on the Universum Awards 2017 ranking of the most attractive employers
Antradienis, 16 gegužės 2017
Czech Republic: Universum, in collaboration with Studenta Media, has published the results of the fourth annual survey "Czech Republic´s Most...
Changes to the Insolvency Act as of 1 July 2017
Antradienis, 16 gegužės 2017
Czech Republic: Yet another "Major" Amendment to Insolvency Law
New Legal Framework for the Protection of Private Data
Antradienis, 16 gegužės 2017
Czech Republic: The General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR
Paternal Leave
Antradienis, 16 gegužės 2017
Czech Republic: As of February 2018, new fathers will be entitled to a new welfare payment within the context of sick-leave insurance
Managing Directors Becoming VAT Payers?
Antradienis, 16 gegužės 2017
Czech Republic: Towards the end of 2016, the Czech Supreme Administrative Court handed down a decision which opens the way for members of corporate...
bnt partnerė skaitė pranešimą konferencijoje
Antradienis, 16 gegužės 2017
Lietuva: bnt Vilnius partnerė Yvonne Goldammer pasidalino savo patirtimi Lietuvos jaunųjų advokatų asociacijos ir Lietuvos advokatūros...
New rules on remuneration for construction work subcontractors
Pirmadienis, 15 gegužės 2017
Poland: The amendments form part of a broader reform to facilitate creditors in recovering their claims.
Cash payments: new restrictions and obligations for businesses
Trečiadienis, 10 gegužės 2017
Belarus: From 12.09.2017 legal entities and individual entrepreneurs accepting cash payments from individuals must do so according to the following...
Construction Contracts: new rules from 2018
Trečiadienis, 10 gegužės 2017
Germany: From 2018 the legal basis for construction contracts will be specially regulated in the Civil Code for the first time Reform of the Law on...
Slovakia: heavy demand for workers
Trečiadienis, 10 gegužės 2017
Slovakia: Workforce in Slovakia in high demand
Notable Changes in Pre-Insolvency Procedures
Trečiadienis, 03 gegužės 2017
Latvia: Transparency of Legal Protection Proceedings concerning debtors in Latvia to be considerably increased.
bnt vyr. teisininkų gretas papildė Justina Rakauskaitė
Trečiadienis, 03 gegužės 2017
Lietuva: Mums malonu pranešti, kad vyresnioji teisininkė Justina Rakauskaitė prisijungė prie bnt Vilnius komandos.
Additional burden for Bulgarian employers who send employees abroad
Antradienis, 25 balandžio 2017
Bulgaria: Bulgaria waives derogation as to transposition of Directives 2014/67/EU and 96/71/EО into Bulgarian legislation Since the beginning of...
bnt - tarp geriausių advokatų kontorų Lietuvoje
Pirmadienis, 24 balandžio 2017
Lietuva: bnt attorneys-at-law Vilnius vėl įvertinta prestižiniame teisės žinyne „Legal 500“.
Karolina Gasparkė tapo vyresniąja teisininke
Penktadienis, 21 balandžio 2017
Lietuva: Džiaugiamės galėdami pranešti, kad Karolina Gasparkė nuo š. m. balandžio mėn. tapo vyresniąja teisininke.
bnt Holds its Ground Among International Rankings and Awards
Antradienis, 18 balandžio 2017
Czech Republic: bnt again qualifies as one of the 20 top-rated law firms in the Czech Republic. The prestigeous legal rating agency Chambers and...
Do You Know Your Income Tax Prepayments?
Antradienis, 18 balandžio 2017
Czech Republic: The amount and frequency of income tax prepayments differ from taxpayer to taxpayer.
Is the Supreme Court Condoning Alcohol in the Workplace?
Antradienis, 18 balandžio 2017
Czech Republic: Zero tolerance for alcohol in the workplace? According to a decision by the Supreme Court, traces of alcohol in one's blood need not...
Right of Way by Necessity
Antradienis, 18 balandžio 2017
Czech Republic: Bought a "locked-in" property? You may well have forfeited the option to seek the necessary right of way
Tax Penalties Don´t Protect Against Criminal Prosecution
Antradienis, 18 balandžio 2017
Czech Republic: Supreme Court confirms: tax sinners who were punished by the finance office may still be prosecuted under criminal law provisions.
„Legal 500“ rekomenduoja bnt partnerį Frank Heemann
Penktadienis, 14 balandžio 2017
Lietuva: prestižinis teisės žinynas „The Legal 500“ vėl rekomenduoja bnt attorneys-at-law Vilnius vadovaujantį partnerį Frank Heemann.
bnt vyr. teisininkų gretas papildė Odeta Maksvytytė
Penktadienis, 14 balandžio 2017
Lietuva: Mums malonu pranešti, kad vyresnioji teisininkė Odeta Maksvytytė prisijungė prie bnt Vilniaus komandos.
bnt ekspertai skaitė pranešimą bankroto teisės konferencijoje
Ketvirtadienis, 13 balandžio 2017
Lietuva: bnt Vilnius partneris Frank Heemann ir vyresnioji teisininkė Karolina Gasparkė pasidalino savo patirtimi tarptautiniame įmonių bankroto...
6th DIS Baltic Arbitration Days in Riga
Pirmadienis, 27 kovo 2017
Latvia: Commercial arbitration involving states or state-owned entities.Focus countries: Iran, Russian Federation, Turkey, Ukraine.
Minsk / Belarus Chambers Global
Penktadienis, 24 kovo 2017
Belarus: bnt attorneys-at-law in Minsk is recommended in the Chambers Global Guide for the Corporate/Commercial sector. 
Caution when dealing with goods subject to excise taxes
Trečiadienis, 22 kovo 2017
Poland: The government is fighting rampant tax evasion in the trade in certain goods. This will not impact businesses as long as they observe their...
We Have Become Main Partner of the In-House Lawyer 2017 Award
Trečiadienis, 22 kovo 2017
Czech Republic: Our firm has decided to support this year's IN-HOUSE LAWYER OF THE YEAR award, which is bestowed annually upon the best company...
Naujasis Darbo kodeksas
Trečiadienis, 22 kovo 2017
Lietuva: naujasis Darbo kodeksas jau finišo tiesiojoje?
Amendment to ICC Arbitration Rules
Antradienis, 21 kovo 2017
The Paris-based International Court of Arbitration enables expedited procedure
Trusts – the Legal Rules and their Application in Practice
Antradienis, 21 kovo 2017
Czech Republic: Trusts in the light of the amendment to the Civil Code, and their broad range of possible applications
Change of Employer by Force of Law
Antradienis, 21 kovo 2017
Czech Republic: The termination of a commercial lease may under certain conditions trigger the transfer of rights and obligations associated with an...
Appreciation of Rental Property by Way of Technical Improvements, under Amended Tax Regulations
Antradienis, 21 kovo 2017
Czech Republic: In the future, economic beneficiaries will be allowed to depreciate the value created by technical improvements in their own...
What's New in the Amended Payment Transactions Act
Antradienis, 21 kovo 2017
Czech Republic: An amendment to the Act on Payment Transactions brings new benefits for consumers and broadens the range of obligations on the part...
Inadmissibility of arbitration on consumer disputes
Ketvirtadienis, 16 kovo 2017
Bulgaria: Bulgaria imposes ban on arbitration for consumer disputes
Significant changes in Construction contract law
Ketvirtadienis, 16 kovo 2017
Germany: Owing to the enormous economic importance of construction law, wide-ranging changes are planned to the Construction contract law.
Case law on redundancy and transfer of undertakings
Trečiadienis, 15 kovo 2017
Latvia: The Supreme Court has issued a judgment on the grounds for redundancy when restructuring a company and outsourcing services.
Important news for company owners
Trečiadienis, 15 kovo 2017
Belarus: Changes in registration and liquidation procedure for business entities.
Resurrection of Personal Insolvencies in Slovakia?
Penktadienis, 10 kovo 2017
Slovakia: New amendment to the Act on Insolvency and Restructuring (“IARA”) came into force on 1 March 2017.
ES įgalina kreditorius
Ketvirtadienis, 09 kovo 2017
Lietuva: Nuo sausio 18 d. įsigaliojo naujas ES reglamentas: kreditoriai galės kreiptis dėl skolininko sąskaitų, esančių ES, blokavimo.
bnt partneris išrinktas AHK valdybos viceprezidentu Lietuvoje
Penktadienis, 24 vasario 2017
Lietuva: bnt partneris Frank Heemann 2017-02-21 buvo išrinktas naujuoju AHK valdybos viceprezidentu Lietuvoje.
bnt rems socialinį verslą
Antradienis, 21 vasario 2017
Lietuva: bnt Vilnius vadovaujantis partneris, teisininkas bei verslininkas Frank Heemann savo patirtimi bei įžvalgomis dalinsis socialinio verslo...
Centralized Records of Bank Accounts – Effective Protection and Stringent Oversight?
Pirmadienis, 20 vasario 2017
Czech Republic: Central registry of bank accounts to help law enforcement and mitigate the risk of sensitive information leaks
Civil Code Abandons Special Manner of Representation in Labor-Law Relations
Pirmadienis, 20 vasario 2017
Czech Republic: Amendment abolishes the requirement for legal entities with a collective statutory body to act in a special manner towards their...
List of Qualified Suppliers
Pirmadienis, 20 vasario 2017
Czech Republic: Update of the qualified suppliers list; optional entry of regular subcontractors
Have a Look at the Upcoming Amendment to the Income Tax Act
Penktadienis, 17 vasario 2017
Czech Republic: On 13 January 2017, the House of Deputies approved a bill which among other things changes the Income Tax Act
Mokesčių lengvatos LEZ įmonėms
Antradienis, 14 vasario 2017
Lietuva: Nuo 2017 m. įsigaliojo Pelno mokesčio įstatymo 58 str. 16 d. 2 punkte įtvirtinta nauja be jau numatytos tame pačiame straipsnyje,...
bnt Bratislava Nominated for “Good Community Partner” Award
Pirmadienis, 06 vasario 2017
Slovakia: For the 18th time, the Pontis foundation will present awards to companies that conduct business in Slovakia with higher aims than simply...
Changes following amendment to the Enforcement Regulation
Penktadienis, 03 vasario 2017
Slovakia: Your favourite bailiff will no longer be in charge of enforcing your money claims.
Five-day visa-free stay in Belarus
Pirmadienis, 30 sausio 2017
Belarus: From 12 February 2017 citizens of 80 countries will be allowed to stay in Belarus without a visa for up to five days.