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Martin Provazník

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Associated Partner
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ĮMONIŲ TEISĖ. ĮMONIŲ ĮSIGIJIMŲ IR SUSIJUNGIMŲ SANDORIAI, Įmonės, BANKROTAS IR ĮMONIŲ RESTRUKTŪRIZAVIMAS, Kreditorių teisių apsauga iki bankroto, Kreditorių reikalavimų skolininko nemokumo atveju įgyvendinimo užtikrinimas, Kreditorių atstovavimas bankroto metu, Skolų restruktūrizavimas iki bankroto, Bendrovės organų ir akcininkų teisinės pareigos kritiniais atvejais, GINČŲ SPRENDIMAS, Tarptautinis arbitražas, Nacionalinis arbitražas, Teisminiai ginčai, Tarpininkavimas ir kitoks alternatyvus ginčų sprendimas, Rizikos ir konfliktų valdymas, Draudimas, Informacinės technologijos ir komunikacija, Intelektinė nuosavybė, Tarptautiniai ir ES reguliavimo klausimai, Komercinės sutartys
Insolvency law of the Central and Eastern Europe, „Slovakia“, INSOL EUROPE, 2007
Die Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung in der Slowakischen Republik, BFAI, 2007
Employment Law in the Slovak Republic, Center for International Legal Studies, 2006
Regular legal support for Slovak newspapers (SME, eTrend, Hospodárske noviny)
The Trnava University in Trnava, Slovakia (Mgr., JUDr.)
Via Bona Award: “Special acknowledgment for helping with a systematic change in personal bankruptcies and debt-free regime in Slovakia” (2016).
INSOL Europe
VIAC (Vienna International Arbitral Centre)
YAAP (Young Austrian Arbitration Practitioners)
Slovenská advokátska komora (Slovak Bar Association, i.a. Member of Disciplinary Commission )
"Advokáti Pro Bono" (project of non-profit Organization Nadácia Pontis)
25.08.2020CEE: Business models innovation and legal challenges
19.08.2020Slovakia: Hague Service Convention
23.07.2020Slovakia: Technology transfer
21.07.2020Fraud within a Slovak company
23.04.2020Slovakia: Temporary protection for entrepreneurs
09.04.2020Slovakia: Financial indicators to watch during the COVID-19 pandemic
10.03.2020Ineffective enforcement and out-of-the-box option
20.09.2019Straw man buying your debtor
24.06.2019Filing documents with the court five minutes before deadline
16.05.2019More obstacles for grocers in Slovakia!
04.03.2019Ultimate beneficial owners revealed
07.01.2019We believe the future is digital
18.10.2018Major change in Slovak contractual law proposed
04.10.2018Reduced protection of trade marks and sounds as trade marks
26.09.2018Blockchain project legal issues
23.08.2018Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Slovakia
22.08.2018bnt attorneys in CEE joins Global Legal Blockchain Consortium
30.07.2018The Slovak Constitutional Court rejects formalistic approach
18.04.2018Bearing the burden of proof
04.04.2018Forcing plaintiff to put court fees in escrow
16.03.2018A success in a dispute does not automatically mean full compensation for procedural costs
08.03.2018No arbitration for intra-EU investment agreements
14.12.2017Better check your company’s electronic mailbox regularly
01.12.2017Money transfers between the shareholders and the company
14.11.2017Major changes in the liability of statutory representatives from 1 January 2018
31.10.2017Disputes with producers in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)
20.10.2017Liability for unpaid VAT
23.05.2017Register of Public Sector Partners in the Hands of Experts
05.10.201621% income tax for companies and 7% tax from dividends.
15.07.2015Payment and repayment of shareholders loans and capital surplus
15.07.2015New procedural rules for civil and administrative disputes
25.11.20141-euro company; new obligations for managing directors