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Have a look at the upcoming amendment to the Income Tax Act
Piektdiena, 17 Februāris 2017
Czech Republic: On 13 January 2017, the House of Deputies approved a bill which among other things changes the Income Tax Act
Tax incentives for FEZ companies
Otrdiena, 14 Februāris 2017
Lithuania: Starting from 2017 amendments to the Law on Corporate Income Tax (LCIT) are in force.
bnt Bratislava Nominated for “Good Community Partner” Award
Pirmdiena, 06 Februāris 2017
Slovakia: For the 18th time, the Pontis foundation will present awards to companies that conduct business in Slovakia with higher aims than simply...
Changes following amendment to the Enforcement Regulation
Piektdiena, 03 Februāris 2017
Slovakia: Your favourite bailiff will no longer be in charge of enforcing your money claims.
Five-day visa-free stay in Belarus
Pirmdiena, 30 Janvāris 2017
Belarus: From 12 February 2017 citizens of 80 countries will be allowed to stay in Belarus without a visa for up to five days.
Transfer pricing documentation
Pirmdiena, 30 Janvāris 2017
Lithuania: 1 January 2017: Missing transfer pricing documentation? Fines for Managers and Companies.
Easier immigration for IT-sector employees in Estonia
Trešdiena, 18 Janvāris 2017
Bureaucratic hurdles hampering the employment of IT employees from abroad have been eased.
Change in the measurements of the companies regarding the energy efficiency
Pirmdiena, 16 Janvāris 2017
Hungary: Registry obligations, modification of the deadline for fulfilment of the energy audit, entering the institution of the energy specialist...
The timeframe to start enforcement proceedings will be extended
Pirmdiena, 16 Janvāris 2017
Belarus: The timeframe for filing a Writ of Enforcement in commercial cases will be extended from 6 months to 3 years.
The most important tax changes introduced in 2017 in Poland
Piektdiena, 13 Janvāris 2017
Poland: A number of important tax changes have been introduced as of 1 January 2017. Below we would like to present changes in the CIT Act
Micro-enterprise Tax Law Reforms
Piektdiena, 13 Janvāris 2017
Latvia: Parliament increases Latvia’s micro-enterprise taxation rates and decides on future reforms.
Changes on the construction law
Ceturtdiena, 12 Janvāris 2017
Lithuania: A New Law on Construction entered into force on 1 January 2017; these are the key changes you need to know:
Registration of insurance agents for member-state based insurance companies
Pirmdiena, 09 Janvāris 2017
Bulgaria: bnt supported the first entry in the register of the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Authority of an insurance agent for an insurance...
Minimum wage: new registration procedure
Piektdiena, 30 Decembris 2016
Germany: From 2017 employees must be registered online With effect from the turn of the year some reforms to the minimum wage apply: As of 01.01.2017...
New Labour Code
Ceturtdiena, 22 Decembris 2016
Lithuania postpones new Labour Code until 1 July 2017.
Arbitration in the Baltic States
Trešdiena, 21 Decembris 2016
A new article about the Current Status of Commercial Arbitration in the Baltic States: Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, was published by bnt...
Top 10 law firms in Slovakia
Otrdiena, 20 Decembris 2016
Slovakia: bnt attorneys-at-law Bratislava again succeeds among ten top Slovak law firms.
Cross-border insolvency proceedings in the EU can be tricky
Otrdiena, 29 Novembris 2016
Slovakia: Regulation of cross-border insolvency proceedings in Slovak law leaves several questions unanswered.
Proof of origin of assets
Otrdiena, 22 Novembris 2016
Czech Republic: New rules concerning the proof of origin of assets are designed to increase treasury's revenues.
Amendment to the Auditors Act
Otrdiena, 22 Novembris 2016
Czech Republic: This amendment is based on EU directives and regulations and has come into force on 1 October 2016
News in the realm of occupational safety and health
Otrdiena, 22 Novembris 2016
Czech Republic: Major changes regarding the procurement of occupational safety and health on building sites
A new view on the concurrence of positions?
Otrdiena, 22 Novembris 2016
Czech Republic: Constitutional Court ruling does not improve legal certainty
Car toll system – to be introduced sooner than might be thought?
Trešdiena, 16 Novembris 2016
Germany: The surprising rapprochement between the federal government and the EU Commission could soon lead to introduction of a car toll system.
Will the Agricultural Property Agency start compulsory buyout of Polish companies?
Pirmdiena, 14 Novembris 2016
Poland: Since May 2016 regulations guaranteeing Polish land in Polish farmers’ hands have been hampering corporate mergers and acquisitions.
Changes to new Labour Code
Pirmdiena, 14 Novembris 2016
Lithuania: new Labour Code changes even before entering into force.
Major reform in EU customs law
Piektdiena, 11 Novembris 2016
Latvia: Latvia is affected by the new EU customs codex as an EU member state. For example, changes concern customs procedures and implement IT.
Simplification of procurement in construction
Piektdiena, 11 Novembris 2016
Belarus: From 1 January 2017 to 1 January 2019 new rules will be in effect on selecting the procurement procedure in construction.
New Rules for Awarding Public Contracts
Otrdiena, 08 Novembris 2016
Czech Republic: New law in force from 1 October will also have impact on pending procedures
Countervailing benefits introduced retroactively
Ceturtdiena, 03 Novembris 2016
Bulgaria: Simplified Taxation of Cost for Personal Use of Company Assets (Countervailing Benefits) With retroactive effect to 1 January 2016,...
Payment in Euro? – Remember to include penalty provisions in the contract!
Pirmdiena, 31 Oktobris 2016
Belarus: This article examines the widespread situation where a debt is owed by a Belarusian party under a contract but it is not possible to...
Conférence bleue: Pharma survey
Piektdiena, 28 Oktobris 2016
bnt | attorneys-at-law in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia contribute to 2016 pharma publication “Pricing and Reimbursement Questions”.
Confusable and deceptive business names
Otrdiena, 25 Oktobris 2016
Czech Republic: Assessment of the confusable and deceptive aspects of business names upon entry into the Commercial Register; previously registered...
Online sales reporting
Otrdiena, 25 Oktobris 2016
Czech Republic: On 1 September 2016, certain provisions of the Sales Records Act have come into effect (with the remainder taking effect as of 1...
The 2017 Labor Code
Otrdiena, 25 Oktobris 2016
Czech Republic: House of Deputies debates a fundamental amendment to the Labor Code
Archiving of the electronic official bulletin board
Otrdiena, 25 Oktobris 2016
Czech Republic: Administrative authorities must be able to provide ex post evidence of their proper compliance with public notification and...
New rules in arbitration proceedings
Pirmdiena, 24 Oktobris 2016
Slovakia: Do the new rules apply to your arbirtration verdicts?