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Sebastian Harschneck

Sebastian Harschneck Rechtsanwalt
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Sebastian Harschneck


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DE-90491 Nürnberg

Engleză, Germană, Rusă
CORPORATE FUZIUNI ȘI ACHIZIȚII, Corporate, Conformitate, Asociații În Participațiune Și Parteneriate, INSOLVENȚĂ ȘI RESTRUCTURARE, Protecția Drepturilor Creditorilor În Preinsolvență, Reprezentarea Creditorilor În Procedura Insolvenței, ObligaHii leLegale Ale Organelor Și Acționarilor Societății În Situații De Criză, SOLUȚIONAREA LITIGIILOR, Litigii, Gestionarea Riscurilor Și Conflictelor
University of Passau (Universität Passau)
Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk (Сибирский Федераьный Университет, Красноярск)
Rechtsanwaltskammer Nürnberg (Nuremberg Bar Association)
Единен регистър на Чуждестранните адвокати (Bulgarian Bar)
Deutsch-Russische Juristenvereinigung e.V.
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Osteuropakunde e.V.
Bulgaria, Germania
21.07.2021Income tax in the case of cross-border posting of workers
06.05.2021Amazon merchants must check images regularly
12.03.2021Safety requirements when parking loaded trucks in Germany
11.01.2021Personal liability despite English Limited in Germany
17.11.2020Truck toll in Germany - repayment claims in the millions
15.09.2020Employment of professional drivers in Germany
20.07.2020Pre-emption right for share deals - company must provide information to municipality
10.03.2020New regulations for the employment of foreigners in Germany
09.03.2020Coronavirus - a case of force majeure under German law?
07.02.2020German UG can operate as a "Holding"
03.02.2020Consequences of ineffective managing director contracts in Germany
15.11.2019D&O insurance offers only limited protection in the event of insolvency
16.09.20195 years minimum wage - status quo and outlook
22.07.2019The German car toll violates European law
14.11.2018Forfeiture clauses ineffective if minimum wage claims not excluded
13.09.2018Stricter prohibition of replacement of posted employees
11.07.2018A1 certification - limited binding effect
14.05.2018Incoming goods inspection ‒ admissible type and scope
09.03.2018Minimum wage - doubts about applicability to foreign companies; client's liability
18.09.2017Application of GTC to international Contracts
13.07.2017Ban on sleeping in truck cabins
10.05.2017Construction Contracts: new rules from 2018
30.12.2016Minimum wage: new registration procedure
13.07.2016Update Minimum wage
28.06.2016Minimum wage - increase in 2017
28.06.2016Minimum wage – infringement proceedings initiated
08.06.2016Minimum wage – taking into account vacation pay and Christmas bonus
04.05.2016Travel time is working time
16.03.2016Supervisory board – agency workers are counted
13.01.2016Minimum wage – monitoring and investigation procedures
25.09.2015Misleading VW exhaust emissions – secure your rights promptly
11.09.2015Supervisory board – employees of foreign daughter companies are counted
30.01.2015Minimum wage suspended for transit shipments
05.01.2015Minimum wage for truck drivers