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Ondřej Tejnský

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Ondřej Tejnský

Asociat Senior

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CZ - 11000 Praha 1
Česká republika

Asociat Senior
Cehă, Engleză
CORPORATE FUZIUNI ȘI ACHIZIȚII, Corporate, Fuziuni Și Achiziții, Conformitate, Asociații În Participațiune Și Parteneriate, DREPTUL MUNCII, Activități Comerciale Și Detașări Transfrontaliere, Contracte De Muncă Remunerație Și Beneficii La Pensionare, Protecția Datelor, Negocierea Contractului Colectiv DeMuncă, Încetarea Contractului De Muncă Concedieri Colective, Litigii DeMuncă, Transferul Angajaților În Cadrul Tranzacțiilor De Fuziuni Și Achiziții
Masaryk University in Brno, Faculty of Law (Mgr.)
Česká advokátní komora (Czech Bar Association)
Republica Cehă
27.04.2021Early-warning tools and preventive restructuring mean the threat of insolvency can be detected and defused in time
23.02.2021Revamped rules for crowdfunding in the Czech Republic
24.11.2020Czech employment-related rescue program Antivirus A and B is being extended
10.09.2020Establishing companies online in Czechia – another step towards full digital governance
10.09.2020Should work in the same position for the same employer pay the same salary, regardless of whether the employee lives and works in Prague, in a large regional city, or in a tiny backwater?
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21.03.2017Change of Employer by Force of Law
25.10.2016The 2017 Labor Code
25.05.2016The SICAV in the light of the latest amendment to the Act on Investment Companies and Investment Funds
08.01.2016New Contract Register Act
29.09.2015Fourth AML Directive
23.06.2015Set of internal AML policies
23.04.2015Security transfer of rights
10.09.2014Changes in the law on debenture bonds