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Obchodné príležitosti


Additional burden for Bulgarian employers who send employees abroad
utorok, 25. apríl 2017
Bulgaria: Bulgaria waives derogation as to transposition of Directives 2014/67/EU and 96/71/EО into Bulgarian legislation Since the beginning of...
bnt ranked among the top law firms in Lithuania by Legal 500
pondelok, 24. apríl 2017
Lithuania: We are pleased to announce that bnt attorneys-at-law Vilnius is again highly recommended in the prestigious legal directory guide Legal...
bnt Vilnius lawyer Karolina Gasparke promoted to Senior Associate
piatok, 21. apríl 2017
Lithuania: We are pleased to announce the promotion of Karolina Gasparkė to Senior Associate.
bnt Holds its Ground Among International Rankings and Awards
utorok, 18. apríl 2017
Czech Republic: bnt again qualifies as one of the 20 top-rated law firms in the Czech Republic. The prestigeous legal rating agency Chambers and...
Do You Know Your Income Tax Prepayments?
utorok, 18. apríl 2017
Czech Republic: The amount and frequency of income tax prepayments differ from taxpayer to taxpayer.
Is the Supreme Court Condoning Alcohol in the Workplace?
utorok, 18. apríl 2017
Czech Republic: Zero tolerance for alcohol in the workplace? According to a decision by the Supreme Court, traces of alcohol in one's blood need not...
Right of Way by Necessity
utorok, 18. apríl 2017
Czech Republic: Bought a "locked-in" property? You may well have forfeited the option to seek the necessary right of way
Tax Penalties Don´t Protect Against Criminal Prosecution
utorok, 18. apríl 2017
Czech Republic: Supreme Court confirms: tax sinners who were punished by the finance office may still be prosecuted under criminal law provisions.
Prestigious Legal 500 recommends bnt partner Frank Heemann
piatok, 14. apríl 2017
Lithuania: The prestigious legal directory Legal 500 has again recommended bnt attorneys-at-law Vilnius Managing partner Frank Heemann.
Welcome to new colleague at bnt Vilnius
piatok, 14. apríl 2017
Lithuania: We are pleased to announce that Odeta Maksvytytė has joined bnt Vilnius as a Senior Associate.
bnt experts as speakers at insolvency conference
štvrtok, 13. apríl 2017
Lithuania: bnt Vilnius Partner Frank Heemann and Senior Associate Karolina Gasparkė shared their expertise at a Cross-Border Corporate Insolvency...
6th DIS Baltic Arbitration Days in Riga
pondelok, 27. marec 2017
Latvia: Commercial arbitration involving states or state-owned entities.Focus countries: Iran, Russian Federation, Turkey, Ukraine.
Minsk / Belarus Chambers Global
piatok, 24. marec 2017
Belarus: bnt attorneys-at-law in Minsk is recommended in the Chambers Global Guide for the Corporate/Commercial sector. 
Caution when dealing with goods subject to excise taxes
streda, 22. marec 2017
Poland: The government is fighting rampant tax evasion in the trade in certain goods. This will not impact businesses as long as they observe their...
We Have Become Main Partner of the In-House Lawyer 2017 Award
streda, 22. marec 2017
Czech Republic: Our firm has decided to support this year's IN-HOUSE LAWYER OF THE YEAR award, which is bestowed annually upon the best company...
New Labour Code
streda, 22. marec 2017
Lithuania: New Labour Code: in a sprint to the finish?
Amendment to ICC Arbitration Rules
utorok, 21. marec 2017
The Paris-based International Court of Arbitration enables expedited procedure
Trusts – the Legal Rules and their Application in Practice
utorok, 21. marec 2017
Czech Republic: Trusts in the light of the amendment to the Civil Code, and their broad range of possible applications
Change of Employer by Force of Law
utorok, 21. marec 2017
Czech Republic: The termination of a commercial lease may under certain conditions trigger the transfer of rights and obligations associated with an...
Appreciation of Rental Property by Way of Technical Improvements, under Amended Tax Regulations
utorok, 21. marec 2017
Czech Republic: In the future, economic beneficiaries will be allowed to depreciate the value created by technical improvements in their own...
What's New in the Amended Payment Transactions Act
utorok, 21. marec 2017
Czech Republic: An amendment to the Act on Payment Transactions brings new benefits for consumers and broadens the range of obligations on the part...
Inadmissibility of arbitration on consumer disputes
štvrtok, 16. marec 2017
Bulgaria: Bulgaria imposes ban on arbitration for consumer disputes
Significant changes in Construction contract law
štvrtok, 16. marec 2017
Germany: Owing to the enormous economic importance of construction law, wide-ranging changes are planned to the Construction contract law.
Case law on redundancy and transfer of undertakings
streda, 15. marec 2017
Latvia: The Supreme Court has issued a judgment on the grounds for redundancy when restructuring a company and outsourcing services.
Important news for company owners
streda, 15. marec 2017
Belarus: Changes in registration and liquidation procedure for business entities.
Oživenie záujmu o osobný konkurz na Slovensku?
piatok, 10. marec 2017
Slovensko: Novela zákona o konkurze a reštrukturalizácii („ZKR“) nadobudla účinnosť dňa 1. marca 2017.
EU enables creditors
štvrtok, 09. marec 2017
Lithuania: New EU regulation in force from 18 January: creditors may apply for a preservation order on a debtor’s bank accounts within the EU.
bnt partner elected vice president of the AHK board in Lithuania
piatok, 24. február 2017
Lithuania: bnt partner Frank Heemann on 21 February 2017 elected as the new vice president of the board of German Baltic Chamber of Commerce in...
bnt support social entrepreneurs
utorok, 21. február 2017
Lithuania: bnt Vilnius managing partner Frank Heemann shares his experience as businessman and lawyer during the social entrepreneurship startup...
Centralized Records of Bank Accounts – Effective Protection and Stringent Oversight?
pondelok, 20. február 2017
Czech Republic: Central registry of bank accounts to help law enforcement and mitigate the risk of sensitive information leaks
Civil Code Abandons Special Manner of Representation in Labor-Law Relations
pondelok, 20. február 2017
Czech Republic: Amendment abolishes the requirement for legal entities with a collective statutory body to act in a special manner towards their...
List of Qualified Suppliers
pondelok, 20. február 2017
Czech Republic: Update of the qualified suppliers list; optional entry of regular subcontractors
Have a Look at the Upcoming Amendment to the Income Tax Act
piatok, 17. február 2017
Czech Republic: On 13 January 2017, the House of Deputies approved a bill which among other things changes the Income Tax Act
Tax incentives for FEZ companies
utorok, 14. február 2017
Lithuania: Starting from 2017 amendments to the Law on Corporate Income Tax (LCIT) are in force.
bnt Bratislava v boji o ocenenie „Dobrý partner“ komunity
pondelok, 06. február 2017
Slovensko: Nadácia Pontis už 18 rok ocení firmy, ktoré na Slovensku podnikajú s vyššími zámermi, než je len dosahovanie zisku.
Čo prináša novela Exekučného poriadku?
piatok, 03. február 2017
Slovensko: Dlžné peniaze už nebude pre Vás môcť vymôcť Váš obľúbený exekútor.
Five-day visa-free stay in Belarus
pondelok, 30. január 2017
Belarus: From 12 February 2017 citizens of 80 countries will be allowed to stay in Belarus without a visa for up to five days.
Transfer pricing documentation
pondelok, 30. január 2017
Lithuania: 1 January 2017: Missing transfer pricing documentation? Fines for Managers and Companies.
Easier immigration for IT-sector employees in Estonia
streda, 18. január 2017
Bureaucratic hurdles hampering the employment of IT employees from abroad have been eased.
Acquisition of Czech Citizenship
pondelok, 16. január 2017
Czech Republic: A look back on three years of the new Czech law on citizenship in practice
A New Year, a New Form
pondelok, 16. január 2017
Czech Republic: Finance administration issues a simplified income tax form that is easier to complete
Statutory Right of First Refusal for Property Transfers Makes an Unexpected Return
pondelok, 16. január 2017
Czech Republic: Amendment to the Civil Code restores statutory preemptive right for co-owners of real property
Have you Ever Heard of "Notification Letters" from the Finance Office?
pondelok, 16. január 2017
Czech Republic: The finance office has newly taken to notifying customers informally of potential tax fraud by their suppliers
Change in the measurements of the companies regarding the energy efficiency
pondelok, 16. január 2017
Hungary: Registry obligations, modification of the deadline for fulfilment of the energy audit, entering the institution of the energy specialist...
The timeframe to start enforcement proceedings will be extended
pondelok, 16. január 2017
Belarus: The timeframe for filing a Writ of Enforcement in commercial cases will be extended from 6 months to 3 years.
The most important tax changes introduced in 2017 in Poland
piatok, 13. január 2017
Poland: A number of important tax changes have been introduced as of 1 January 2017. Below we would like to present changes in the CIT Act
Micro-enterprise Tax Law Reforms
piatok, 13. január 2017
Latvia: Parliament increases Latvia’s micro-enterprise taxation rates and decides on future reforms.
Changes on the construction law
štvrtok, 12. január 2017
Lithuania: A New Law on Construction entered into force on 1 January 2017; these are the key changes you need to know:
Registration of insurance agents for member-state based insurance companies
pondelok, 09. január 2017
Bulgaria: bnt supported the first entry in the register of the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Authority of an insurance agent for an insurance...